The jewellery collection CROWN is inspired by the Christmas crown well-known in Estonia and widespread in Nordic folk culture. These structural crowns plaited from straws were a modest way for our ancestors to decorate their homes. Now, the legacy of our grandparents has been elevated to a new modern context. The recurring motif of the jewellery series is a triangle – an element that has been known since ancient times as a sign of fire and is strongly associated with the sun, which radiates light and energy. Combining several planar shapes creates an endless series of geometric structures. The collection CROWN includes three basic models: water, fire, and air, from the development of which new necklaces and earrings are born. The jewellery series CROWN is for those who prefer a minimalist and geometric form. The jewellery is airy and light, and the Nordic aesthetics are highlighted by the finely graphic effect of the selected material. Suitable for decorating everyday clothing as well as adding a refined elegance to an evening dress.